REC Basic Trailer and Hitch ADDON 2

Rez the Instructions, or open the graphic to assist you.

Rez out Trailer Base. You may name your trailer whatever you like, so long as the Trailer Name and the soft lock name are the same.

Put a trailer together using the mock up example, set everything to "None" prim shape type except yellow Pin, and Blue trailer "skid", keep those prim shape type "Prim".

Mock Trailer done up with 2 wheels so you can see orientation, Purple soft lock mounts to car. Yellow Pin is trailer "hitch" and root of trailer. Name Trailer and soft lock the same, and (preferably) give them the same number in their description that the car uses. (Thats your communication channel)

You may swap wheels just make sure to set them up just like you do on the vehicle rears.

Installing into car....

Drop in "REC Trailer Connect" into vehicle root and Reset via the menu.

The API system will pick up the script and add a button into the Addons Menu.

You may also Link the included Soft Lock Button to your existing remote, make sure its description is also the same channel as your car and trailer.

Once your trailer is "Autoconnex-ed", make sure you click the "RelayON" button so the scripted wheels and any lighting scripts respond with messages from the car, meaning, you can take the lighting prims off the basic car, and copy and link it to your trailer, and the lights will work. Same goes for the AIW Lighting Add on (If purchased) giving you total stop lights blinkers and hazard lights on your trailer.

Once thats done .... Hop in vehicle, set transmission (preferably) to Manual Transmission. Just works better. Click Menu, Addons > Hitch > Autoconnect and bump trailer with car, it will auto align and connect itself. Start out n 1st gear.

To disconnect trailer, Click Menu, Addons> Hitch > Unhook. Trailer will disconnect and set its own brake.

Final ... Your completed trailer, can be put inside your Soft Lock, and rezzed out via "Rez Trailer" button, or deleted with "Derez Trailer" button.

Sounds were removed - Causing issues with Auto Reconnect (sim crossing) features making sounds play constantly.

TIPS: Cornering hard, much like in a real car, works better if you let off the gas pedal.
If trailer doesn't move after Rezzing it out of Hitch - make sure its physical, or - turn off Soft Lock and Autoconnect again.
v2 - added a no rez-derex version for no copy trailers. Hitch wont rez trailer, but it also wont delete it accidentally.
v2 - put in a "RelayON" button to force wheels and lighting to work after Autoconnex.
v2 - Made trailer go physical automatically after connecting, and non physical on disconnect (as before)
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