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General Policy

Non delivery of items contact Tech Robonaught.  General policy is no refunds, however extenuating circumstances sometimes arise and we understand this so please contact us if something comes up where you feel refund is due such as buying an item twice due to lag.  However in some cases we may decide to issue store credit.

"Full Perms" is not in any way permission or license to resell or give any of our products away with its permissions still set to full perms.  If you do not own a license from us, to resell shells and other mesh parts "Full Perms" then you are breaking TOS in doing so and will have a DMCA filed against you.

"Resell" and "Scripted Resell" means just that, you can modfy, script, alter, and then set an items permissions to something allowable, and then resell that item.

For more info on Allowable Permissions see here


Tech Robonaught
Owner / Financial / Refunds / Scripts / Models

Customer Service / General Manager


James Stark
REC Support

seraph Overland
REC Support

Marketplace Policy:

Any issues IM Tech Robonaught. Absolutely no refunds.

If an issue is not brought to our attention we cannot fix it. If you make a purchase and have an issue and make no attempt to make contact we cannot help you resolve it. The number one reason for bad reviews is the lack of the purchasers ability to make contact.

Some items considered m-c-t may contain some no mod scripts.
We greatly appreciate your feedback.

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