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REC TX Advanced Lighting Add On 3.6
Add On: REC TX AIW Lighting System.

Script use in root, 16 Kb
Script use added to vehicle, 48 Kb
Script use on worn HUD, 64 Kb
Total script use of system, 112 Kb.

Updated 12/28/2019

AutoLights now a setting in the Menu. Must be seated to enable/disable.
AutoLights WILL over ride any and all Headlight switches when enabled. Checks sim time every 10 seconds so after enabling will take 10 seconds (at dark) for lights to come on.

Also created "Indicator" Prim to link to your dash - lights when Headlights are On. Keep it named Indicator, uses no script.

Updated 11/5/2019

Brakelights now shut off on standing or Reset.
Created separate Reverse light script.
No need to reset AIW on link changes, it resets itself.

Rez out :

"AIW Mock up DONT USE! Just shows the Layout of the Faced mesh!"

This arrangement shows you how to arrange your light face mesh around the vehicle. Its complimentary to this notecard.

Rez out:


This is the actual blank linked mesh faces you will use to set up your lights. Rather than fighting with different styles of shells and light arrangements and faces PER shell we've adapted the same techniques other games use to create lights on vehicles by using light Auras.

Reposition the linked prim faces as close as you can to the actual vehicle lights. BE CAREFUL TO GET IT RIGHT because, once switched on, these prims will disappear and be kind of hard to find. When satisfied with it, link them to your build.

Once your lighting mesh is textured and arranged with the proper light Auras place "REC TX AIW Lights 3.1" in vehicle root prim. Your vehicles Base lighting can stay in place, or be removed, it makes no difference.

Should you need to unlink any of the light prims, simply reset light scripts from the Addons Menu after doing so before turning lights on again or driving.

Rez or look at the properties of the HUD in your inventory and set its description (channel) to match your vehicles description (channel).

Additional Scripts:

These scripts can go in other vehicle parts for domelights, panel lights, or "run" lights that are on when the vehicle is. You WILL have to define the face you want to light in the scripts top line.

"REC DomeLights / Glow / Light" = Glows, Casts Light works with "Domelight" button.

"REC PanelLights / No Glow / No Light" = No Glow, casts no light, for effects, speedometers, etc.

"REC RunLights / No Glow / No Light" = When car is on these are on. Running Lights.

Note: These lights are for mesh or prim that you wish to illuminate and NOT hide.

------- Operation-------

Wear the REC TX AIW Lights HUD (all lights work with or without this, but you can use it to turn on Headlights, Hazard Lights ,and Dome Lights.) Yes, you can link it to your vehicles "Remote".

In "Addons" Menu you also have them, under "Light Adv" button, accessible by clicking the car or the Remote.

Hop in and Drive, Turn Signals, Brake Lights, all work automatically. Headlights are controlled via menu>Lights or for Advanced menu> Addons> LightAdv> where you can choose between Headlights, Hazards,Domelights, Reset, or Back. Alternatively, wear the HUD.

------- Q & A-------

Q. Hazard Lights Stuck on.
A. Two options, hop in and drive forward a bit, or use the reset on your HUD.

Q. Turn Signal stuck on when going straight, and no I am not from Florida, nor have I blue hair.
A. Release forward key altogether, and then press it again.

Q. I have 2 vehicles side by side and my HUD is controlling them both.
A. Change the channel in your HUD description and vehicle description fields on each build to something unique.


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Dome Lights


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