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REC  (Base Vehicle Scripts)

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Many thanks to our own Breezy for creating these videos.

REC BVS Root Setup - Vehicle Setup.==========

Included is a very well made *RootSled, that not only gives great driving physics, but also works with our RayCast Suspension Addon, use it if you like, or, create your own root prim.  It is a open license mesh object and you have my full permissions to use it, and sell it.  Just make sure it is set to \"Prim Shape Type Prim\" when you are finished for optimum results.

** more on the sled at the bottom

The easy way - the way I do it.===============

Copy everything out of the Root box into your inventory.

Copy it back out of Inventory and into your root prim, or the included *MeshRoot prim.

Link your root prim or *MeshRoot prim AS ROOT, to your build.  

Now you can Start rezzing component boxes out of your Master Toolbox and adding Wheel scripts, Door hood and Trunk scripts, Light scripts, Exhaust scripts etc.  Each box has its own set of Instructions.

When you have gone thru and done all that, you'll have a vehicle!

Now further explanations.==================

\"Remote\" is a small HUD that allows remote access to the vehicle menu without clicking the vehicle.  As you know, vehicle clicks in world result in stalls so we remedy that problem with the Remote.  The Remotes Description field, and the Vehicles Description field, is where you put a channel number to match Vehicle and Remote.  Use negative numbers, ie -12345.  It also keeps your Remote from affecting other builds you have done.  Your remote may be given to friends, however, they will not have all the options you have as the owner and if the vehicle is locked they will have no options as locking the vehicle renders the remote useless.

Update 11/6/19 - Remote Name must match button name in config.  (The one you click to get the remote)  This was done for security purposes.

Update 11/25/18  Remote can now be clicked to set its channel so you dont have to \"Remote Swap\"

The script \"REC API Example\" is a good base script to start with if you want to create your own plugins and addons for the vehicle.  It will automatically add a button to support it under the Addons Menu.  The Addons menu is the only button you cannot change the name of.  \"REC API Example\" is extremely well commented, you always have a backup if you mess it up.

All REC BVS Addons will populate any buttons they need on their own via the API.  Most times there is a script for root.


NOTE:  May things are outlined in the ECM Notecard.  It allows for configuration of the following and has very good comments.  I\'ll explain some here briefly.

# GEARS  (6 gears max)

# BURN ON TAKEOFF  (You can choose a gear to do a burnout on takeoff in)

# REVERSE POWER  (Self Explanatory)

# START GREETING  (Message in chat when you hop in)

# SIT TEXT  (Text you see in place of Sit in the pie menu)

# ALARM WARNING TEXT  (Text displayed to Owner and User when unauthorized access is attempted)

# TURN POWER  (Self Explanatory)

# DOWNFORCE  (Stick to the road more or less on high speed hills)

# SIT POSITION  (Set it in the menu, store the position)

# SIT ROTATION  (Set it in the menu, store the position)

# SOUNDS SECTION  (Sounds can be sound names, so it will work with no modify sounds, or sound uuids.  If uuids are used, it is not neccessary to put the sound in root.)

# ANIMATIONS  (For Animation names, works with no modify animations)

# BUTTON LABELS (Critical button labels can be changed in except \"Addons\" and \"Back\" and \"Adjustments\")

# LIGHTS  (Lights Button Label)

# OPTIONS LINES IN MENU  (Defines the three lines that appear at the top of your Main Menu)


** Your own RootSled can be downloaded for free here.!xeBhFCIa!ZXff773QCX1JVEVnubgqlosdNyxhIdMZDtxfoC2FNMc

When uploading this mesh sled, set all your LOD levels to 0.  Then in physics tab in your uploader select High Physics and click Analyze.  THEN upload.  It should upload to around 16 LI half of which will be absorbed in your build.  If you cannot set your RootSled to "Prim", you did something wrong.


Any questions, hit me up.

~ Tech

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