REC (NTBI) Global Fuel System ACS Addon

This special Addon adds NTBI GFS Fuel Capability to your physical Vehicle.

1.  Position  \"REC NTBI GFS Positioner Handle\" where your fuel filler is as if it is putting in fuel and link it to your vehicle.  Click it.  It will display position and rotation in local chat for you to put into  \"REC NTBI Fuel ACS 3.0 CONFIG\"  script lines 25 and 28.  When you have the numbers in chat, you can unlink the Positioner.

2. Fill out the FUEL  parameters in your \"REC NTBI Fuel ACS 3.0 CONFIG\" script.  The script is well commented.  Make sure to set all scripts to  \"No Modify\" , \"No Transfer\" on resale.  Put it in the root prim of your vehicle.

3. Put the Fuel script in your vehicles root prim.  If using the \"REC NTBI GFS Digital Fuel Guage\" or \"SDG NTBI GFS Analog Fuel Gauge\" size and position and link the Gauge to your vehicle.


Many thanks to Starland Development Group for their contributions in this undertaking.

( add your own scripted fuel door ) messages are as follows,




Thats it, thats all there is to it.  Refuel at your nearest NTBI GFS Gas Pump.

~ Enjoy

LICENSE:  Scripts with \"SDG\" in the name were created by Starland Development Group. Some scripts are delivered to you with Copy/Modify/Transfer permissions and may be used in your own builds. End product to be delivered to your customers must have Next Owner permissions changed to Copy/NoModify/NoTransfer.

Add on objects (fuel gauges, low fuel warning light) may be installed in your builds for resale, but may NOT be resold as independent objects.

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